Drache-Königin (makrothumia) wrote in 30_evil_deeds,

Piercing Blue Eyes (Final Fantasy VIII, Ultimecia, #1. kittens)

Title: Piercing Blue Eyes
Author/Artist: Kjata (makrothumia)
Villain: Sorceress Ultimecia
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Theme: 1. kittens
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VIII is copyright SquareEnix. No infringement or disrespect is intended by this non-profit, non-commercial amateur work of fan fiction, which is not published for profit or material gain. The author and the posters have no intent to infringe any intellectual property rights held by the owners of existing copyrights in Final Fantasy VIII or its derivative works.
Number: 01 / 30

( "Here is a kitten, sweetie. Take good care of her." )
Tags: 01, final fantasy, makrothumia

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