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Thirty Evil Deeds

... you know you love them

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Ah, villains and the things they do!

Akabane. Akio. Akito. Albedo. Alexander Anderson. Angelus. Asagi. Chin Yisou. Darth Vader. Dilandau. Envy. Farfarello. Femto. Friend. Gyokumen Kouju. Greg Lowland. Hisoka. Johan. Knives. Majin Buu. Mastergear. Monkan. Morgana. Nagi. Naraku. Nii Jianyi. Orichimaru. Papa Dino. Pegasus. Ra. Rhadamanthys. Schuldich. Senet. Sephiroth. Shishio. Sougetsu. Toma. Uchiha Itachi. Vicious. Virgil. Voldemort. Yami Malik. Zakuro. Zoicyte. ...

torquemadman and silverr welcome you to Thirty Evil Deeds, yet another "themed fanfiction" community.

The idea is simple. Pick your villain, pick your theme, and dial your evil setting - Horrifying, Deliciously Wicked, or Just Barely This Side of Naughty.

Pen paeans to your favorite based on the following themes:

1. kittens
2. paper clip (Alternative: leather whip)
3. the sound of a fan
4. candlestick
5. library
6. monk
7. an old rug, rolled up and tied
8. rusty chains
9. violin music
10. a briefcase full of cash (Alternative: bag of gold)
11. unbearable anguish
12. just between us for now
13. shards of glass, glittering like diamonds
14. A fine, unsmudged line
15. red, white, black
16. 4:54 pm
17. Go outside and shut the door*
18. touch my scars
19. a lost glove
20. the long forgotten smell
21. control
22. sleep
23. amber and jade
24. foundation
25. monologue
26. destiny
27. counting the hours
28. choice of weapons
29. immortal
30. the villain of the story

If you would like to do all 30 themes on a particular villain, feel free to stake your claim here - although we won't be enforcing exclusivity.

All we ask is that:

1. Fics be put behind lj-cuts or links.
2. Warn if content is not work-safe.
3. Use disclaimers

Here's a sample disclaimer for those who might like to use it:

[Fandom] is copyright [Creator(s)] and [Publisher(s)]. No infringement or disrespect is intended by this non-profit, non-commercial amateur work of fan fiction / fanart, which is not published for profit or material gain. The author and the posters have no intent to infringe any intellectual property rights held by the owners of existing copyrights in [Fandom] or its derivative works.

Finally, a suggestion: the following format is handy as the subject line of your post - it makes it a lot easier to browse entries:

Title (Fandom, Villain, Theme#)

*Inspired by a card in the Oblique Strategies of Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno.

The current comm graphic is from a Photoshop tutorial found here. Beware of agressive popups, though, even with Ffox.



All book, films, series, settings and characters mentioned on this site are copyright to their original owners, and no infringement or disrespect is intended by any of the non-profit work of fan fiction or fanart here displayed. All items are works of noncommercial amateur fan fiction or fanart and are not published for profit or material gain. The authors, artists, moderators, and posters have no intent to infringe any intellectual property rights held by the owners of existing copyrights or their derivative works.